Essentials: Goth Rosary Body/Room Mists

The Goth Rosary has long been one of my favorite online shops. AntiSally offers great customer service and a wide variety of vegan-friendly products– shampoos, lotions, soaps, perfume– in an even more charming variety of unusual scents. Recently, I took advantage of one of her many sales and invested in two of her 2 oz. body/room mists.

gothrosaryOne of the first things that struck me about her scent products is that they were entirely devoid of the alcohol smell that often accompanies other body sprays on the market. I cannot even count the times I have been utterly disgusted with a body mist because it smelled more like cheap flowers and rubbing alcohol than anything even remotely appealing. The Goth Rosary’s body mists, on the other hand, are refreshing and intense! The scents are long lasting, and continue to linger hours after application.

I highly recommend investing in one of the scent sampler packs and allowing the time it takes to experience each of the 20 darkly unique scents. AntiSally’s scents range from light and whimsical to dark and brooding, and are suitable for both men and women. 

Now, it is typically $9.99 for one 2 oz. body and room mist. This, at first glance, seems quite expensive– especially when you can get a much larger body mist for the same price in many body shops. However, The Goth Rosary is always running a variety of specials and sales. In addition to this, the customer service is absolutely superb. AntiSally and her helpers package their goods with care, free goodies, and are always quick to answer emails and questions customers might have. It is well worth having to pay a little extra to obtain a unique and entirely hand-crafted scent.

Now that I have my scents, I do not know how I ever lived without them!


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