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Reading List: September “Of Pictures and Kings”

September, oh, September! It has been a dry month in the literature department. I have been negligent. My days spent mindlessly answering phones and staring at mundane projects has all but devoured my will to do anything else.

Okay, I lie. Most of the reading I did this month happened in the world of manga. There’s nothing like the uplifting tale of a strong heroine to add a little spring to a girl’s step. Yet, can such things as comics and graphic novels and the like be labeled “literature”? Mmhmm!

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Vol. 1) by Chiho Saito

I love Revolutionary Girl Utena and it is one of the very few animes that I regret not owning. Utena, our pink-haired heroine, strives to life a noble life after being rescued by a rose-scented prince. She fights duels, rescues damsels, chases princes, and so on. This is an inspiring fairy-tale filled story with a great many twists and turns.

Also, there is sword fighting. There’s nothing like a good sword fight.

Paradise Kiss (Vol. 1-3) by Ai Yazawa

I just wrote about Paradise Kiss in a recent post, so it would be redundant to write about it again. This is a short series, consisting of five fun-filled volumes. There’s something about the sleek, stylish characters and the blend of fashion and storytelling that keeps this series as compelling as ever.

The Once & Future King by T.H. White

This, as Shawn always points out, is a book of ideas. Unfortunately, my tired and battered mind latched onto those golden instances of storytelling peppered throughout the narrative. I loved reading about Wart’s adventures with Robin Wood, his experiences being turned into various animals by Merlyn, and the later tales concerning the collapse of Arthur’s dreams and kingdom.

Admittedly, I felt that the middle third of the book was sadly lacking in some respects– I dragged through these pages only to find myself entirely engrossed in the last third of this epic tale. Yet, it is a powerful author who is able to illicit a true dislike for a character and T.H. White does this beautifully.

Someday, I will read this again and get a little more out of it.

I read one final book this month, The Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage, but I am working on a larger post concerning this work. I need to learn how to write through the exhaustion, this is rubbish. In fact, if this were a sheet of paper it would be in the trash– probably.


The Workspace


Click for bigger!

Yesterday, I caved in and bought a chair to go with my desk. No more sitting in my happy green armchair with a TV dinner table as a work surface. I was a little sad to see the set-up go, but after a day in my ‘new home’ I’m glad I made the purchase.

Shawn and I have converted the large walk-in closet to an office for me. It made it hard to take a picture, since the space is a little cramped. It isn’t, however, so cramped as to be uncomfortable. My chair, which you cannot see in the picture is a folding wooden number with a small faux-leather cushioned seat.

Things still aren’t quite where I would like them to be. I’ve moved the ottoman from my armchair into the office. I would like to get a small ottoman which opens up on top with storage space inside (I’ve seen them at both Target and Office Depot). I like to have my feet up when I’m working.

I’ve always been fascinated by pictures of people’s workspaces and desks. Share yours!