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Hi-Fructose Magazine

hifructoseRecently, I find myself drawn to the world of magazines. These pint-sized purveyors of words are ideal for sliding under paperwork and perusing between phone calls. As it is, a beautifully crafted, thousand word article can often be more powerful than a 50,000 word novel. My search for bite-friendly literature lead me to the magazine section at my local Barnes & Noble.

Dazzled by the selection– should I read about dolls, games, anime, fashion?– my eyes settled on the haunting portrait that decorated the latest issue of Hi-Fructose. I picked it up, thumbed through to find myself assaulted by stunningly crafted layouts and mind-numbingly gorgeous artwork. My penny-counting shoulder fairy carefully replaced the volume and opted for a less expensive underground and alternative art magazine. Still, this volume beckoned to me from the shelf throughout my daily visits to the cafe.

When I finally did break down and purchase the magazine, I was not disappointed. In fact, I was absolutely shell-shocked. Not only does this magazine showcase phenomenal artists, but the articles themselves feature high-calibre writing. . The crisp, clean layouts and top-quality professional writing make this magazine stand above the others sitting next to it on the shelf. So, if you like art or if you’re just looking for some beautifully written, inspiring articles pick this up.

Hi-Fructose is published quarterly and can be found in many major bookstores as well as online at their website



I think I’m finished with this, I still am a little undecided. My art photographing skills are not so good. Click for bigger! 


Graffiti, The New Romanticism

The final project for my British Romantic Literature class involved doing something that embodies the Romantic spirit — I chose graffiti. The paintings were done on a sheet of drywall (I didn’t particularly fancy getting arrested for doing this on a real wall). 

Click below to see the entire process.


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Little Bo Peep


Say hello, to little Bo.

Say hello, to little Bo.


Little Bo Peep was born in the summer of 2006. She began as a little doodle in my sketchbook and has been close to my heart ever since. Why call her Little Bo Peep? It’s the first thing that popped into my head after seeing her toothy-grin upon my paper. The drawing above was my first of her and the ones below are more recent. 

Look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Will you be my valentine?

Will you be my valentine?