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Theodore, Coolest Cat on the Block

Portrait of Cat in Window.

This Christmas brings a new member to my extended family of dolls, toys, and animals. Theodore is a beautiful Siamese Cat Webkin. Why Webkinz? Well, there’s just something about a world of addictive flash games and using points to buy items for my virtual pets that keeps me coming back. I think what I love most about Webkinz is that I have a very lovely physical toy that I can then carry over into a virtual world.

Theodore is a freelance artist. He loves painting, poetry, and potato chips. Of an evening, he can be found in his room listening to the local public radio and licking irish cream. When he isn’t working on his latest novel or painting, he can be found downloading videos from YouTube to his iPhone or visiting his buddies over at

Theodore’s favorite poet is T.S. Eliot. His favorite book is Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. If you ask him what his favorite movie is, he’ll tell you Immortal Beloved but what he really means is Aristocats.

Theodore's Bedroom.


Webkinz: Redecorating

It has been a long time since I updated about my newest friend, Mr. Battykins! Over the last few months, I have been concentrating on building him a lovely house to live in. So here are a few snapshots of the renovations:

The Bedroom.

The Bedroom.

Battykins loves swimming!

Battykins loves swimming!

Prototype Outfit 1

Click for bigger!

Click for bigger!

This is what I have been working on recently — designing clothes for my dolls. Granted, my sewing skills are far short of spectacular. The skirt was the first thing I designed and made up a pattern for, this was a trial run and it turned out well save for a few small flaws (it’s a little too tight) that were worked out in another skirt.

The shirt, however, has a few really major problems and once I haven’t been able to bring myself to work on it again. First, my stitching is all over the place and that’s something I think will come with a little more practice. I had some troubles attaching the velcro in the back (I am hoping adding a few extra panels will fix this). Finally, the bust area gave me all sorts of problems. The ruching in the front is a disaster and it ended up fitting awkwardly (again I am hoping the extra panels will fix some of that).

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciate!

A New Outfit for Shausha


I spent yesterday afternoon sewing. This was my first attempt at making a shirt and I think it came out pretty well, all things considered. I used a couple old T-shirts for the fabric and used a tutorial I found online. Hopefully, I will have a few more outfits to post in the near future. This was a lot of fun! As always, click for bigger images.

April in the Flowers.


April, after a visit to the neighbor’s to borrow a new outfit, prances about in the yard. 

Pkmn Trainer Thea


Lately, I have been engrossed within the world of Pokemon Platinum. My team is finally assembled and I am ready to collect the rest of my badges! Look out elite four because Thea is on the way!

My Team: BunBun (Buneary), U-Boat (Floatzel), AK-47 (Luxray), Rorschach (Houndoom), Nite Owl (Noctowl), and Cpt Planet (Torterra) 

Alternates: F-16 (Staraptor), Luna (Alakazam) 

All I have left to do is to evolve my BunBun into a Lopunny and my Eevee into Glaceon. 


Someday I will take some new pictures of this girl…