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Special Event Week: “All the things you can do with a stopwatch…”


Next week is a big week for BBC America. The channel will be switching to HD and along with this switch will be airing a plethora of Sci-fi goodies including Torchwood: Children of Earth and the newest Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead. Are you excited? I am!

While I have already seen Children of Earth, I wanted to do a bit of a special feature commemorating its appearance on American television. I thought it would be more appropriate to wait as most of my readers are here in the US. So, next week, I will be posting daily posts about each of the five days contained within the new Torchwood series and closing out the week with the Doctor in Planet of the Dead on Sunday.

Next week also brings the release of Watchmen to Blu-ray and DVD. I have already pre-ordered my copy, have you? Amazon, as a special gift, is offering individuals who pre-ordered the Blu-ray or Special Edition DVD the option to view the movie instantly online on Tuesday and I will be taking full advantage of this. I only wish I lived near one of the cities where they are showing the Director’s Cut of the film today.

Hopefully, next week will make up for a lack of activity here on my part. A hearty apology to my handful of loyal readers!